Bridging the Gap in Construction: A Multi-App Solution for Efficiency and Growth



Building Confidence, Brick by App: Empowering Homeowners and Vendors

Many envision building their dream home as a joyous experience. However, the reality can be daunting. Finding qualified vendors, drawing inspiration, and staying on budget can quickly turn excitement into frustration. We identified this need and addressed it with a revolutionary solution: a multi-app construction planning platform that empowers homeowners and vendors alike.

  • Platform iOS / Android
  • Language Flutter / Laravel
  • Launch Date October 2022


Why Traditional Event Planning Needs an Upgrade

Transforming a dream home from vision to reality can quickly turn into a frustrating maze. Traditional construction planning often presents a multitude of challenges for homeowners. Finding reliable vendors is a struggle, leaving them unsure about the expertise and pricing of potential contractors. Sifting through scattered resources for design inspiration can be overwhelming, making it difficult to translate dream spaces into concrete plans. Communication becomes a bottleneck when managing multiple vendors, leading to delays and confusion. Budgetary woes are a constant threat due to unforeseen expenses and a lack of transparency throughout the project. These inefficiencies can quickly extinguish the initial excitement of building a dream home..

Enhanced User Experience

Seamless Planning


A Multi-App Ecosystem

We revolutionized construction planning with a user-friendly, multi-app platform. Homeowners using the customer app (iOS/Android) can effortlessly discover pre-vetted vendors by category, find design inspiration for various spaces, manage projects with budgets and timelines, and even get cost estimates. Vendors, empowered by their own app (iOS/Android), create professional profiles, manage communication with clients, and gain valuable business insights. The platform extends its reach through a comprehensive website showcasing its features and connecting homeowners with vendors. Finally, an admin panel provides us with centralized control, user data analysis, and the tools to continuously improve the construction experience for all.


Building a Secure Platform

To ensure a seamless and reliable user experience across all platforms, BuildPlan leverages a powerful technology stack. For the customer and vendor mobile applications, we utilize Flutter. This innovative framework allows for efficient app development, ensuring a smooth and intuitive experience for users on both iOS and Android devices. On the backend, we rely on Laravel, a secure and scalable framework. This robust foundation empowers BuildPlan to handle a growing user base and complex functionalities, while maintaining the platform's security and stability. This combination of cutting-edge technologies guarantees a reliable and user-friendly experience for all stakeholders involved in the construction process.

Bridging the Gap in Construction: A Multi-App Solution for Efficiency and Growth




A Streamlined Construction Journey

Our multi-app platform revolutionizes construction by connecting homeowners and vendors in a seamless ecosystem. Homeowners can effortlessly discover pre-vetted vendors with clear expertise and pricing, while drawing inspiration from beautiful design galleries to plan their dream space. The platform empowers them to manage projects with cost estimations, communicate directly with vendors, and conveniently shop for essential supplies like furniture, sanitaryware, and electrical components – all within one app. For vendors, it unlocks business growth opportunities by connecting them with potential clients. They can manage communication efficiently, build trust with customer reviews, and gain valuable insights to grow their business. This user-friendly solution streamlines the entire construction journey for a more efficient and rewarding experience for everyone involved.